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A ground-up privacy
enabled browser
Why choose Muster?
Log in with your Urbit ID and fully own your data
Privacy prevails. Muster ensures your activities and data — from the sites you visit to the transactions you make — remain confidential and securely stored in your ship.
Why choose Muster?
Access Web3 domains and Urbit ID using the address bar
Muster resolves Urbit IDs and Web3 domains on top layer one chains without needing extensions or plug-ins. Simply type them in the address bar.
Why choose Muster?
Double down on privacy with ZK-powered Web3 IDs
On top of the Urbit foundational layer, Muster enhances its privacy by using Web3 IDs powered by Zero Knowledge proofs.
Why choose Muster?
Earn rewards directly and get real engagement
Users earn sats for providing meaningful engagements, while online business owners can spend for ads to drive real people and not bots
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Community Reward Protocol
Create your own campaigns in Bitcoin & get website engagements.
Incentivize actions, drive interaction,and elevate your website's success. Ready to elevate your website's performance?
Introducing Muster
December 4th, 2023
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Protecting Americans` Privacy Biden passes EO to bolster privacy
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